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10 Great Aussie Songs to Get Down to this Australia Day

10 Great Aussie Songs to Get Down to this Australia Day

By Sean Satha | Events | 14 Jan 2015

At Local Supply, we know just how to do Australia Day right, and we're going to pass on the secret to you. 
Here are ten slabs of Aussie brilliance to make your Australia day as true blue, fair dinkum and galah's 

pyjama(made that last one up) as possible.

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10. Cold Chisel - "Cheap Wine"

You know that you want to imitate this group of larrikins - it's the Aussie dream. "Cheap Wine" is so Aussie,
the only reason it's not called "Fruity Lexia" is because the only thing that rhymes with that is "makes you sexier."



9. Divinyls - "Pleasure and Pain"

Divinyls' Chrissy Amphlett looked like she could beat seven shades of crap out of you and make you like it,
so this raunchy rock tune is her defining moment. A drunken sing-along could also be the defining moment
when you realise Aunty Cathy is into some kinky stuff.


8. Midnight Oil - "Beds are Burning"

Time for the official Peter Garrett dancing contest. Celebrate the musical legacy of Minister Garrett by jumping
around and flailing your limbs wildly. The first person to knock over an item of furniture wins the prize - a taxi ride


7. AC/DC - "Highway to Hell"

AC/DC are so rock 'n' roll that drummer Phil Rudd allegedly tried to hire a hit man to whack someone who got on
his goat. Groove to this monstrous rock jam this Australia Day and think about someone who you really, really hate.


6. Olivia Newton-John - "Physical"

Leotards are comfy and easy to wear. Just ask Olivia Newton-John, the homegrown Grease star that released this
gym-themed pop gem in 1981. What could be better than urging Australians to get off the couch and do some


5. You am I - Purple Sneakers

‘I had a scratch only you could itch/Underneath the Glebe Point Bridge’ If you don’t know this opening lyric then
you clearly haven't rung your teenage girlfriend/boyfriend from a public phone box for 20 cents. 


4. Rick Springfield - Jessie's Girl

Thou shalt not covet thy best mate's missus. But if you do, Rick Springfield knows just how you're feeling. "Jessie's
Girl" is the perfect song for raucous sing-a-longs that awaken some uncomfortable realisations. 


3. Silverchair - Tomorrow

Pearl Jam aren't Australian, but here's a consolation prize. Singing like he's got a hernia that just won't quit, Daniel
Johns and his cohorts proved that three teenagers from Newcastle could make grunge that’s up there with the best
of them.


2. Paul Kelly and the Coloured Girls - To Her Door

Paul Kelly and his questionably named backing band hit it big in 1987 with "To Her Door." You know the warring
couple whose story Kelly tells in this song. They'll probably be attendees at your Australia Day party.


1. Men at Work - Down Under



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