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5 strangest things lost at festivals

5 strangest things lost at festivals

By Sean Satha | Events | 16 Jan 2015

There is no weirder array of mismatched objects than a music festivals lost and found booth, upon going down
the rabbit hole on web to see what were the weirdest things left behind at a music festival I was honestly shocked.
I would highly recommend checking out the lost and found booth at your next festival , you never know what you'll

Grab yourself a pair of Locals, they come with a strap so you have less of a chance of them ending up in the lost
and found this festival season!

5. Huntington beach Festival - Mgmt lead singer implored the crowd to ‘Give me your left shoe now'. The crowd
immediately agreed, and before he could finish saying “that was probably a bad idea” the shoes started raining
down. Let’s just say if you had lost your right leg due to a shark bite, you’d be sorted if you visited this festivals
lost and found department.

4. V Festival UK - During Tom Jones set he battled through hundreds of bras and knickers being thrown onto the
stage. This gets me wondering do all these get given to the lost and found team. If so I think I found my new job.


3. Glastonbury Festival - From a prosthetic leg to a grand piano, linked with past headliners including Beyonce to the Arctic Monkeys this festival has it all but a naked man handing in a substantial amount of cash takes the cake.

2. Big Day Out festival  - Rumour has it a vibrating briefcase was handed in and after staff pried the latches open 
thinking it may be a bit sinister , 30 vibrators were found. It was claimed by installation artist. So he says.

1. Norwegian Wood Festival - David Bowie lost his eye whilst on stage when a someone from the crowd threw a
lollipop, hitting him in the eye with the stick end lodging itself in between his eyeball and eye socket. He forgot the
number 1 rock n roll rule, always wear your sunglasses onstage.