Chris Town

by Sean Satha on December 10, 2015

So where do we start with hitched twosome Chris and Kara Town? The creators AHD PAPER CO, they're hell bent on supplying some of the finest art and design paper goods available. For those of you wondering what AHD stands for, it’s an acronym of the Albert Camus novel A Happy Death (a personal favourite of theirs).

In a nutshell their combined artistic fancy is to enthusiastically supply a range of locally manufactured products, created by a clever bevy of hand-picked artists. Combining an environmentally guilt-free ego (sustainable materials) with an exciting aesthetic edge is at the core of everything they do.

So let’s get to the bottom to how AHD PAPER CO came into fruition. It all started with their 3-month honeymoon back in 2010. After traipsing the winding streets of Paris, the conversation took a turn to “what do we really want to do in our work lives!?”

From this discussion, AHD PAPER CO. was born. Fast forward to 2015 and the happily married duo are kicking goals back in Kara’s hometown of Adelaide! Despite enjoying their quiet home life, the way AHD PAPER CO. is growing (the US in on the horizon), they’re sure to be kept on their toes going forward.

According to Chris the move to Adelaide has immensely helped with the streamlining of the business “It’s amazing how much easier it is to run our business in Adelaide as all of our manufacturing is done right here; in fact, we produce our cards and envelopes within a 15 km square area.”

Chris elaborates and also gives us a little history lesson on their hometown of Port Adelaide, plus where the real spots are to grab a bite and drink are:

“Port Adelaide, was first used as a working shipping Port in the late 1830s and although the Port is no longer in use for shipping purposes the age of the area means that is it dripping with the character, still boasting much of the original architecture and signage. We love it for these reasons, as it feels like you are in a tiny country town, on the water, and close to the ocean.”

"If you need a slice of the best pizza in town, you have to visit local institution Carmines, who have been going strong for 35 years."

"Beers and Burgers have to be grabbed at Barry’s by Semaphore beach."

One last topic I want to bring up is the amazing work you do with Australian artists from Lynes and Co to Mark Drew, how did this come about? 

"When we first started we just threw out the call to some amazing artists that we knew personally and hoped they would be into what were doing. These days we have people come to us and we also like to reach out to people who catch our eye, AHD has become a real community of talent, something we are very proud of.”

Chris and Kara have also been kind enough to supply us with AHD PAPER CO. holiday cards, which we will be giving away to all our customers who make a purchase in December, do yourself a favour and get your hands on one these unique cards, trust me you won’t be disappointed! 

Big thank you Chris and Kara, for giving us an insight into your creative world and the local tips for any of us who happen to come through Port Adelaide and are in need of beer, burger and pizza!