Our short film won Best Director at AFFA!

Our short film won Best Director at AFFA!

By Beck Chan | FOR LOCALS LS News | 26 Oct 2018

We're stoked to announce that our short film from our 2017/2018 campaign recently won Best Director at The 2018 Australian Fashion Film Awards

The film was nominated for three categories, including Best Australian Fashion Film, Best Cinematography and Best Director. It was also up against campaigns from Bonds, Gucci and Bally! 

The campaign celebrated the foundation and philosophy upon which our brand was built  – that of inclusivity, diversity and creative expression. So we brought together four incredible talents; synchronized swimmer Olia Burtaev, musicians Ecca Vandal and Genesis Owusu, and chef of Acme - Mitch Orr.

Congratulations to Simon Morehead and Louis Brandt! Check out the campaign for yourself:

Shot by Crater / Track by Genesis Owusu

We couldn't be prouder of all the amazing and creative talent that was involved!

Stay tuned for our upcoming 2018/2019 campaign, launching soon!


Local Supply - Alexander Wu-Kim & Sean Satha 
iManifest - Joanna Pretyman & Laura Colontonio 

Producer - Crater 
Director - Simon Morehead DOP - Louis Brandt 
1st AC - Ed de Carvhalo 2nd Ac - Brooke Morehead 
Editor - Louis Brandt 
Sound Design - Jonny Higgins 
Colourist - Matthew Campbell 
Title Track - Genesis Owusu 'Drive Slow' 
Photographic Campaign @ Every Last Second 
Talent - Genesis Owusu, Mitch Orr, Oli Burtaev, Ecca Vandal
Locations - The Old Clare Hotel, Tatler Bar, The Record Store, Acme