Greetings from Hiriketiya Beach : Interview with Justine Legrand

by Local Supply on May 01, 2019

With our new collection in our bags, we travelled to the south of Sri Lanka to get a first hand tour from self-titled locals Mark & Justine.

The two have been living locally in the surf town of  Hiriketiya Beach doing what they love most; taking photos and surfing in between watching the sunrise and set, until it felt like home. Both are creatives who advocate travelling and make it their lifestyle. First up we chat to Justine about her craving and dedication to travel.

What do you do and what are you working on at the moment?

I’m working on my own creative projects as I have full space and time for it. I finally found a process who reunite my interests and my skills : photography, writing, drawing and layout. Plus a bit of chemical :)

How did you get to where you are today?

I just took the responsibility to say NO to a full time job. My bosses understood it, and still understand my choices and my lifestyle. I physically and mentally need to live somewhere else than in France half a year to create a routine that I fully choose. I come back in Paris as a seasonal worker.

What book or film had the most impact on your life?

The Book ‘Kon-tiki expedition’ by Thor Heyerdahl. I discovered it when I was 10. I was fascinated by this adventure. I am, still. The French movie “la tulipe noir”. I just wanted to have the same horse calls Voltaire. He is a really cool horse!


Where do you truly feel like a local?

As soon as I spend more than 3 months somewhere it means I feel good, it means I feel at home. Recently, my home was located in the south of Sri Lanka.

When are you most inspired or what inspires you?

Inspiration can be anywhere, anytime. Fog on the mountains, the birds talking, the shape and the sound of a wave, the infinite lines of the horizon, a combination of colours, poetry and bad words with different accents from all around the world. Chats with your friends and some gin tonic, simple scenes of life, an old man on his bike, his crisis as a map of his life, the texture of the coconut sambal, the dragon fire in your mouth after eating it, I don’t know, everything. I suppose it depends of your awareness and mindful at the moment.

Tell us about your favourite place in the world?

I still have so many places I wish to discover, and feel and call home at some point. But if I have to choose one today, it would be Pacific Rim Park on Vancouver island. I just want to go back there to embrace this special mist.

What’s next on your travel list?

I’m on my way to Ozi Land, Queensland. I'm offering myself a lil trip to NZ, the South Island.. I might find a new favourite place over there, I feel it.

What are your ‘must have’ items when travelling?

The saint Christopher’s magnet of my grandma, my Swedish knife, my passport, a coral friendly sunscreen.

What’s your number one travel tip?

No expectations, then it will be always beautiful and delightful. And never stop watching the birds!


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