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Local Legend: Young Supermodel Rhys Andrew

Local Legend: Young Supermodel Rhys Andrew

By Zac Bayly | Local Stories Locals | 11 Aug 2017

Meet Rhys Andrew — the 19-year-old interior design student who was discovered on the bus and signed to Australia’s biggest and best men’s modeling agency, Kult. He’s since walked for genius resort-wear label Double Rainbouu at fashion week, appeared in campaigns for Pip Edward’s brilliant active-meets-streetwear label P.E. Nation and General Pants, and modeled for indie fashion zine 10 Australia... Not to mention being photographed for your fav sunglasses label.

Name: Rhys Andrew
Age: 19
Home suburb: I live in Tennyson Point, which is close to Hunter’s Hill.
Job: I study interior design, work at a shoe store occasionally, and I’m signed with Kult Models.
Instagram: @rhysandrew1

How long have you been modelling? And how'd you get into it?
I have been modelling for around a month now and I got scouted on the bus home from university one day — was super lucky!

Dream modellin' job?
I'm not too sure about my dream modelling job... honestly if I keep doing what I am doing and keep meeting more people I will be happy. I'm just stoked that I am able to have a job like this.

Fave modellin' face or pose?
I love having somewhere to sit down to be honest.

How do you keep in shape?
I love skateboarding so that is one form of exercise I guess, even though it doesn't feel like it. I also play social Oztag.

What are you studying?
I'm in my second year of studying Interior and Spatial Design.

What's your dream design job?
At the moment I would say residential interiors and exhibition design are the areas which interest me the most.

Favourite interiors-porn books/sites/destinations?

Who's your hero?
Snoop Dogg!

Craziest thing that ever happened to you?
Nothing too crazy has happened to me really... The thing that comes to mind is the time I tried to skate down a big hill near my house when I’d had one-too-many beers and just absolutely ate it, haha! It was pretty funny because I smashed myself up a little but didn't realise until the next day when I could barely move.

Where's your happy place?
Skatepark or the beach.

What are your plans for the future?
In the future I definitely want to work within the interior design industry but firstly I want to travel. I really want to go to Japan — the culture and architecture there is sick — as well as the US, Morocco and Bora Bora. Along with that it would be amazing to continue modeling and get to meet more creatives!

Where's the best place in Sydney to... .
..get a drink?
Lord Gladstone is pretty good for drinks... Otherwise if its summer you can’t beat getting some beers/snacks and heading down to the water or a park.

...grab a bite?
Balmain, Surry Hills and Newtown have a lot of nice cafes for during the day as well as the night

...go for a swim?
Gordon's Bay is nice. I love Palm Beach and Mona Vale.

I only really skinny-dip at my house but other than that I have done it at Bondi Beach one night which was super funny.

...go for a hike?
The Blue Mountains and Royal National Park.
I'm not a big dancer but when I am in the mood Freda's is always a laugh. They have good music usually.

What's the weirdest/silliest/dumbest thing you've ever done in sunglasses?
Would have to have been when I was road-tripping up the east coast in summer and went to a festival; some dumb things went down and I'm sure I was in sunglasses...

Rhys wears our Freeway Autobahn 
Words and Images by Zac Bayly