Local Supply at Draft Coffee Roasters

Local Supply at Draft Coffee Roasters

By Alexander Wu-Kim | Culture Local Stories Locals | 13 Jun 2017

The Local Supply crew are based in the suburb of Beaconsfield, bordering on the city and just west of Sydney’s CBD; nestled into a warehouse district booming with some seriously authentic food and awesome coffee – you just have to know where to look (we like to call it our "Local Safaris"). Being a true local is all about knowing where you’ll find the best espresso and we’re pretty sure we nailed it with Draft Coffee Roasters. This café is all about simplicity and sparking a conversation – two values we can get behind 100%. A few weeks ago, we headed over to the shop for our usual afternoon brew and decided to make a little collaboration video with the absolute legends who keep us seriously caffeinated, check it out above.

Draft Coffee Roasters
404 Botany Road, Beaconsfield
(02) 9698 1539

Mon to Fri 6.30am–2pm
Sat 7am–2pm
Sun 7am–12pm