Local Supply FAQs: Face Shapes

Local Supply FAQs: Face Shapes

By Alexander Wu-Kim | LS News Product News | 24 May 2018

Have you ever wondered sunglass shape best suits your face? Well here's Kate Peck to give you the low-down. 

Local Supply sunglasses are built to suit all face shapes — we’re for locals everywhere, after all — but there are some general rules for finding the right frames for your face that you may find helpful when helping customers to find the right pair of glasses.

There are five basic face shapes, and you should select a frame shape that offsets the shape of your face.

Oval: For an oval-shaped face, try a squarer style, like the Everyday or City styles.

Square: For angular faces with a strong jaw, try a softer and rounder style, like the Freeway or Station styles.

Round: For rounder faces, try an angular or rectangular-shaped frame, like the Avenue, Coast or Everyday styles.

Heart-shaped: For faces that are fuller at the top and narrower at the bottom, try a lighter frame, like the City or Station styles.

Pear-shaped: For faces that have a narrower forehead, which gradually become fuller at the cheeks and chin, try a top-heavy frame like the Avenue or Island styles. 

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