By Laura Colantonio | | 22 Apr 2020

Today’s an opportunity to take a look at how we spend our time, what costs our actions have on our planet. 

It’s also an opportunity to take a look at how we spend and with whom we spend our money; After all, it’s true that you vote with your dollar. 

We at Local Supply don’t claim to know every answer but our promise has been, and always will be, that we will continue to use technology to produce ecologically sound products.  Here are a few of the ways we look after the planet and avoid becoming another fashion industry statistic.

Repair & Recycle Program

Our current climate crisis has taught us to be mindful of what we produce and to create solutions for irreparable items. We create durable eyewear that when necessary can be either repaired or produced into new sustainable items. Our commitment is full-circle ♻️. 

Did you know that Australian’s alone send 6,000kg’s of fashion waste to landfill every 10 minutes?  

That’s why as of today, we will accept ANY PAIR OF GLASSES FROM ANY BRAND in our Repair & Recycling program. We want to keep as many pairs of frames our of landfill as possible. The commitment started with us, but we only succeed if we do this together.

We send your unrepairable frames to the TerraCycle team so they can be recycled into things like watering cans, shipping pallets and park benches. 

Recycle and be rewarded with $30 towards a fresh pair of locals, click here to get started.

Zero-Waste Manufacturing

We use automation and zero-waste manufacturing techniques to streamline our production and reduce our environmental impact. Thanks to technological advancements we are able to produce premium eye-wear using an injection mould process that leaves no waste behind. 

We are committed to innovation. Stay tuned for big news later this year as we continue to benchmark sustainability practices in the eyewear industry.