SALES: The Best In Travel and Fashion Gear On Sale This November

by Zac Bayly on November 11, 2017

November is a treasure trove of discounts, with incredible sales like Black Friday and Cyber Monday coming up. It used to be that you’d have to line up to get to super-crowded, ultra-frenzied sales at shopping centres; these days you gotta have the same lightening fast reflexes, but online, meaning that you’re not just up against the kids in your neighbourhood, but against the whole dang world. Luckily, ya mates at Local Supply have got you covered. We’ve created a nice little guide to the sales and some of the products you might like to pick up cheap. Of course, we’ll be getting involved with sales on all of the below dates. Mark ‘em  in your calendar, because in case you haven’t heard, a little known holiday called ‘Christmas’ is coming up — and everyone needs a good pair of sunnies, especially when they’re as great as ours. Although we may be a little biased... Anyway, without further ado, we present the Local Supply guide to November 2017 sales. Game on!

Black Friday

When? Friday, 24th November, 2017

Black Friday is one of America’s biggest (and most insane) sale days. In fact, in 2016, it’s estimated that 8 billion dollars was spent in the US alone. Yup, it’s crazy. It’s held every year on the day after Thanksgiving in the US (which we’re only telling you in case you’ve been living under a rock and have missed every sitcom ever that’s done a Black Friday episode). But it’s spreading worldwide, with Australia becoming one of the biggest contributors to the money-throwing frenzy. (Turns out that when we’re not at the beach, we as a nation are online shopping.) Local Supply will be offering a sweet discount off of every pair, and given that we've perfected the design process so that we can offer high-quality, super-strong frames at relatively low prices... you’re practically stealing from us. Thanks a lot, guys.


Cyber Monday
When? Monday, 27th November 2017

Cyber Monday is a big deal. It’s on track to replace Black Friday as the biggest shopping day of the year, with more people turning to their iPhones to make purchases than actually turning up to stores. It’s a shame that online stores are replacing real life ones, since we wasted many a day in the blissful semi-boredom that is hanging out at the mall as teens, but also we love savings and shopping while eating Uber Eats-delivered meals, so what can you do? Anyway, for Cyber Monday, we’ll be offering THIRTY PER CENT OFF! You heard me. 30% off. Wowza. Mark it in your calendars and for the love of god buy some sunglasses, so we don’t end up like this:


Gift guide:

So, what’s worth buying amidst all the commercial carnage? Here’s our pick from some of our favourite retailers, including, ahem, a certain genius Australian sunglasses brand. Disclaimer: It’s totally too early to know exactly what will be on sale, but here’s what we’re hoping will be on sale.


North Face Vest at The Iconic

The Iconic stocks a heap of great jackets for when you’re hitting the road, especially as it gets colder in the northern hemisphere. We’re always on the look out for practical wares, and so have picked this North Face Nuptse Vest as a must-have for the traveller heading into cooler climes. 

Two Tees at Adidas

Adidas are offering 30% off when you buy two tees at once. As you probably know we’re fans of classic designs, hence picking this iconic black-and-white adidas logo tee as our personal favourite. Easy gift for pretty much any mate — male or female, young or old — and when you’re travelling, you can never have too many spare t-shirts with you.

Off-Shoulder Dress at Saba

Right now, Saba’s offering 20% off all purchases until midnight Sunday, which means that all this weekend you can grab a discount on some of Australia’s best high-quality basics. We’ve picked this simple off-shoulder dress as something you can chuck in your backpack and wear to the beach or out at night when the occasion presents itself. 

Nike Air Max 97 Ultra ’17 in Off White/Grey at Culture Kings

Culture Kings is THE location for sneakers and streetwear down under. Again, we don’t know whether this particular style will be on sale, but it’s our pick for something uber-practical you can wear from dawn until dusk and vice versa.


Nixon Portable Speaker at Neverland Store

There’s never a situation where a portable speaker couldn’t come in handy (actually, probs inaprops at funeral or wedding), and this is one of the best-looking options available. It may look like a handbag but it’ll deliver a clear, crisp sound while remaining resistant to water and sand. Not just for looks, but we’ll be damned if it doesn’t look gorgeous too.


Hampton Linen Shirt at Academy Brand

Academy Brand has a summer-wide deal where any shirt and shorts are $120.00. Not bad when you’re looking for something swish to wear on a budget. We can’t go past a good linen shirt in summer, and this peach number from Academy is as good for the boys as it is for the girls.


Herschel Pop Quiz Backpack at Mr Simple 

Wherever you go in the world, you’re gonna need a backpack. Don’t forget where you set it down ‘cause this one’s camo.


STATION Sunglasses at Local Supply

Shameless plug alert! The STATION  features a slimline frame, minimalist circular silhouette, keyhole bridge and rounded brow. And like all our sunnies, they’re got polarized lenses for when you’re staring out over the ocean or down the barrel of the open highway.


AVENUE Sunglasses at Local Supply

The Avenue takes its name from the streets of New York, which is why the design’s quirky yet classic, inspired by the vintage-infused eclecticism of New Yorkers’ outfits. It’s modern but classic, and despite its pretty looks, tough enough to withstand life’s knocks.

Happy shopping, folks!