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When Local Supply launched back in 2013, we chose to build our range using Skylon because it’s an impressively hardy nylon plastic. Our frames are made by pouring liquid Skylon into stainless steel moulds unlike acetate frames, which are created by cutting from sheets and hand-moulding.  

The Skylon process means Local Supply sunglasses are more lightweight than your average frames, stronger, and kinder to the environment because they involve so much less wastage.

But we knew we could do better. With the launch of our new City and Coast styles, we’re proud to announce that we are using plant-based injectables for these designs. Called 'Eco-Acetate', this is Skylon taken to the next level – renewably sourced and made without compromising any of our commitment to well-priced, long-lasting frames.

This isn’t the final step for us.. We may be a small team but we’ve got big ambitions and we’re going to continue to challenge ourselves to keep evolving our products. Why? Because we want to be better corporate citizens, we want to be more socially and environmentally responsible and basically, it’s the decent thing to do. Check out some images of our eco-acetate frames below in our fancy carousel and shop them here. 

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November 17, 2016
Tags: Product News