Where's the Local Supply stockist banner?

We’re all about building a community of like-minded legends. We want to exchange stories and spark creativity with the locals that inspire us. The Local Supply Ambassador Program, otherwise known as LSAP is our way of creating authentic content by working with people we respect. It’s a platform to show off your lifestyle and, yes, a great way to score free product, gain exclusive access, and fame along the way. 

The Benefits

We believe in win-wins. We’re winning by having real local legends like you creating real local content for us.  And here’s how you’ll be winning too:

Free Products
If your photos are selected we’ll hook you up with a voucher for free sunnies.

Exclusive Access
As a member of LSAP, you’ll be the first on the ground to get access to new styles and exclusive offers.

If we use your photos, we’ll post them on our social channels, crediting you on any posts, promoting your photography skills and earning you some sweet street cred in the process.

We love a good title, and if you need something glorious to put on your Instagram bio (or even in your resume), feel free to add a little something e.g. Local at Local Supply or Local Supply Ambassador (just run it past us first). 

Sign Up

If you're keen to find out more about the program and what's involved, sign up below to get your hands on the brief.