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We’re dedicated to making sunglasses that are high quality, affordable and look great. We want our products to benefit your lifestyle, for as long as possible and if that journey ends, we want to be there for that too.

If you’re no longer getting value from your old sunnies, then our Recycle & Repair program will help you put them to good use. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to give your sunglasses a new life and do your bit to help the environment.

If you have a pair of our glasses that no longer serve a purpose for you, send them our way and we’ll email you a $30 discount code for a new pair.


Any Local Supply sunglasses that are no longer wanted or needed, can be sent to us - and given a new purpose. Once your old sunglasses have been sent to us, our warehouse will collect and sort them into two categories:

  • Repair – sunglasses that can be worn again will be repaired and donated to a local charity for sale as second hand frames.

  • Recycle – everything else separated into its components and recycled into materials that can be re-used in manufacturing.

How It Works

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If you’d like to recycle your old sunnies and score a $30 discount code, get started on the form below: