We believe you deserve to have nice things, and they shouldn't
cost your freedom.

Our vision is to create the best quality and best value
eyewear for everyone, everywhere.


Founded in 2013, Local Supply was born from the same needs as yours.

We wanted high quality, great looking sunglasses for a fair price.

Whether you’re running around your local neighbourhood, or jet setting around the globe - we have your eyes covered.


We make thoughtfully designed eyewear at an accessible price, so you can focus on living your best life.

Premium Materials

Our frames are made using the lightest and strongest materials available providing a high strength-to-weight ratio for superior comfort and durability.

Low Waste Production

We use automation and zero-waste manufacturing techniques to streamline our production and reduce our environmental impact.

Locally Owned

Being an independent brand, we cut out the middle man and are able to supply premium quality eyewear at a price that’s 50% to 80% lower than our competitors.