We want our products to make your life better. If you're no longer getting value from your old sunnies, our Recycle & Repair program makes it easy to give them a new life and reduce our environmental impact.

Plus, to say thanks for taking part in our R&R program we'll give you $30 off a new pair.


Step One

Register your details on the R&R form. (It’s short we promise)

Step Two

Post us your sunnies, you’ll be given the address at the end of the form.

Step Three

The experts in the Local Supply warehouse assess your sunnies.

Step Four

If we can repair your frames, we do and donate them to a local charity.

Step Five

If they can’t be repaired, we send the sunnies to TerraCycle where the parts are repurposed & recycled.

Step Six

We email you a $30 discount code so you can grab a new pair.



If you’d like to recycle your old sunnies and score a $30 discount code, get started on the form below.
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